The Stone of Ebenezer Book Preview with Susan Van Volkenburgh

In the days of the last judge of Israel, from the foothills of Ephraim to the coast of the Great Sea, THE STONE OF EBENEZER is a sweeping saga of loss and revenge. Woven in a tapestry of details, this extraordinary tale is accurately portrayed in light of historical, archeological, and cultural landscapes.

Beyond the Biblical account of the conflict at Aphek and the ensuing trouble that follows the Ark of the Covenant, this story transcends to the post-9/11 world and the crisis of faith brought about by loss and grief. The events move beyond the field of battle, looking intimately into the hearts and minds of those dwelling within opposing nations.

The Stone of Ebenezer

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The Stone of Ebenezener

By Award Winning Author
Susan Van Volkenburgh

Chapter 1 A Dire Need

The sun stood at its full height over the once lush valley, laid to ruin by the ravages of war, now a barren wasteland littered with corpses and blood-soaked earth. Heat bore down upon them despite the early spring season. A sanguineous aroma infused the air, mingling with sweat as it ascended to assault the nostrils. Blood spewed forth from his victim as his sword sliced through flesh and bone. Nagad looked with horror at the great slaughter strewn about the field: soldiers ran, bodies fell, smoke rose. He seemed to be caught in a raging tide that threatened to engulf all in its path. The air rang shrill with the sounds of battle: swords clashing, spears splintering, cries of the dying. Nagad retched as he took in the scene.

From behind, he heard the creak of leather and the scrape of metal. Startled, he spun around. He caught the glint of a sword as it struck out at him. Instinctively, the young conscript lift ed his shield to block the blade of the large Philistine. The thrust was deflected, but the tip of the sword nicked Nagad on the left shoulder. Down his bare arm, warm blood trickled.

Chapter 2 The Seat of God

Hophni laid his hand upon the horn of the goat. Lifting its head, he skillfully drew the knife across the exposed neck, spilling the life from the perfect creature. The blood ran down a trough in the table, draining into a brass basin. After collecting the blood, Hophni sprinkled the crimson dower around the edges of the altar. Returning to the table, the priest worked the knife swiftly to expose the fat and entrails, preparing the beast for an offering of thanks to God. The priest then placed the meat into the pot for boiling to make ready the flesh on the altar as food, an oblation made by fire for a sweet aroma.

The priest’s servant picked up a three-pronged fleshhook in his hand and thrust it into the caldron. The meat brought forth was uncooked with the fat yet clinging to the flesh.

"Give meat for roasting to the priest," said the servant, "for he will not take boiled meat from you, but raw."

Chapter 3 Raging Waters

Casting shadows to their left, the sun progressed upon its course across the azure sky, drying the dew from the fields. Hills peaked around the procession as they marched at a steady pace upon the Great North Road, which led to Shechem. Lebonah, situated upon the slope of a mount, lay to the north-west, three miles from where the journey had begun. Shiloh had faded from view quickly as it was swallowed by the surrounding earthen mounds and swells. Prickly weeds covered the expanse, bleak and straggled, strangling the land in their dismal grasp. Several mountain tulips raised their fragment heads through the mass of barbed intruders that cursed the ground. Occasionally, chamois, the small goat-like antelope that stood but two feet in height, were seen dotting the hillsides; their brown fur was marked by a white face with black stripes below the eyes.

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Oncology Nurse turned homeschool educator, Susan Van Volkenburgh is an author of Christian fiction and nonfiction books. As a musical evangelist, Susan travels with the gospel group, Susan Van Volkenburgh. After the death of her father on September 11, 2001, Susan began speaking of her experience. Her book, Silent Resolve and the God Who Let Me Down (A 9/11 story), recounts Susan’s loss and subsequent spiritual journey.

Born too late to experience antiquity first hand, Susan spends much of her time studying and teaching ancient history. Therefore, it seemed only natural that she should draw from the experience of grief and trauma to write THE STONE OF EBENEZER, a story of faith and restoration through the medium of Biblical fiction. Susan is married and has three children. She lives in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Susan would love to hear from you. You can reach her at: